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Academic, Social, Employment


Academic, social, employment goals


Goal-attainment strategies


Post-high school and college options

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Spectrum Transition Coaching LLC applies the evidence-based practice of coaching to the unique needs of young adults on the autism spectrum as they navigate transitions from high school, to college, and the workplace smoothly and successfully.

Identify strengths

Identify academic and social strengths and current challenges.

Define goals

Define specific academic and social goals to improve success.

Improve success

Transition to adulthood smoothly and successfully.

Explore options

Explore post-high school and employment options.

Employment Coaching

Work with a coach to identify and improve skills for employment. Reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and build the skills needed for employment success.

Explore options

Develop skills to reach employment goals

Understand the ADA

Manage your job search

Find a good employment fit

 College Consultation

Young adults on the autism spectrum have the same goals and expectations for post-high school success as their neurotypical peers, but as they consider post-high school options or leave college, many young adults with autism and their families experience uncertainty. Will these young adults be able to manage the complex world of independent living, time management, and a social life? Can they succeed without the guaranteed supports of an IEP or 504 Plan?

1. Explore post-high school options

Consider the merits of gap year, community college, and 4-year college options.

2. Manage the college search

Explore college options you may not know are available and learn to evaluate the best schools for your individual needs.

3. Identify supports needed for a successful college transition

Identify supports available through the colleges you are considering, how to access them, and what additional supports you may need to provide on your own.

4. Develop the skills for college success

Develop a coaching plan to build the skills for success in college based on your goals and abilities.

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