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Helping families of autistic young adults navigate college, career, and life transitions

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Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Spectrum Transition Coaching LLC applies the evidence-based practice of coaching to the unique needs of young adults on the autism spectrum as they navigate transitions from high school, to college, and the workplace smoothly and successfully.

Identify strengths

Identify academic and social strengths and current challenges.

Define goals

Define specific academic and social goals to improve success.

Improve success

Transition to adulthood smoothly and successfully.

Explore options

Explore post-high school and employment options.

 College Readiness (Family Consultation)

Life after high school is challenging for everyone – especially those on the spectrum. Our College Readiness package is our most popular. It helps families of high school sophomore and juniors explore their options, make a game plan and prepare for the transition to college, trade school or work. 

1. Explore post-high school options

From 2 year and 4 year colleges to trade schools and works, explore the variety of options available after high school.

2. Manage the college search
3. Identify supports needed for a successful college transition
4. Develop the skills for college success

Develop a coaching plan to build the skills for success in college based on your goals and abilities.

 Collegiate Success

(1:1 Coaching)

For most families, the biggest transition is from high school to college. Young adults are often shocked at their newfound independence and additional responsibilities. Educational supports also change drastically requiring young adults to be their own advocates. With a personalized coaching package, Spectrum Transition Coaching can help smooth these tough transition.

1. Understand how to be your own advocate on campus
2. Manage your time and responsibilities
3. Make new social connections

Career Guidance

(1:1 Coaching)

Whether you are exploring career paths or navigating a challenge in the workplace, Spectrum Transition Coaching can help young adults with autism experience professional success.

Explore options fitting your interests and passions

Develop skills to reach career goals

Understand the ADA and how to use it effectively

Manage your job search

Find the right role and company

 Life Transitions

(1:1 Coaching)

If you’re struggling to navigate a life transition or just feel stuck, working with Spectrum Transition Coaching can help you overcome obstacles. 

1. Set small and realistic goals
2. Provide motivation to keep making progress
3.Troubleshoot setbacks and plan for success
4.Create custom techniques for your strengths and challenges

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