2022 keeps marching along while some of us are still processing 2020 and 2021. We’ve covered a lot of ground here over the past year from building friendships to managing college transitions to preparing for work interviews. It’s been amazing to see how these topics have woven us all together and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help autistic young adults find success in college, career and life.  

We’ve heard great feedback from our clients on a few particular posts so we wanted to share those here.

>>> If you have a high school junior or senior:

Simplifying the College Search Process: As your family navigates the college application process, be sure to explore the College Autism Network’s Autism-Specific College Support Programs (ASPs).

This is an incredible tool to help your student discover and research programs that would be a good fit for their interests and needs.

Using this tool can also be a concrete starting point for a conversation about what they want to study, where they want to live and what they hope for their life during college.

>>> If you have a young adult:

Less Loneliness and More Community: As we rebuild and recreate our lives, habits, and relationships, your student may be looking for genuine relationships.

Check out my interview with Jamil Karriem, the founder of the Hiki dating app. He leads a team of neurodiverse developers to build an app specially designed to foster meaningful relationships in the autism community.

>>>If you are struggling to communicate with your child:

How Can I Get My Young Adult to Agree to Coaching? offers some practical frameworks to guide these delicate conversations. Many parents tell us that having a third party like a coach allowed them to enjoy their relationship with their child again. It allows you to take a step back knowing that someone else is following up to keep their child on track with their goals.

We hope you find a few useful bits of wisdom in our most popular posts from the past year.  If you have a topic you’d like us to cover, send us a note here!