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We work with all types of autistic young adults and their families, starting junior year of high school. Whether your student is in high school, college or the workplace, we’ve created packages to fit their specific goals. 

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Targeted Coaching Package

Make meaningful progress with five coaching hours focused on one specific goal. Past clients’ goals include looking for a job, setting up accommodations at college, improving social skills or moving out of the house.

It’s important to know your specific goal so we can jump right into building skills and making progress.

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Comprehensive Coaching Package

Navigate big transitions with ten coaching hours focused on multiple areas of life. We’ll work together with a comprehensive focus on exploring where you’re struggling, developing goals and learning how to get unstuck.

If you’re hoping to see tangible progress across multiple areas of your life, this package is for you.

Career Assessment Package

Career Assessment Package

Dive deep into your values, motivations and interests to find career paths that are a great fit. You’ll start by taking Greenwood System™ online assessment, then we’ll continue the rest of the assessment together. Once we review results, we’ll create an action plan to explore recommended career paths.

Great for high school students to narrow down major preferences and perfect for college students shifting focus to their career goals.

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College Semester Support

Start the semester on the right foot. For autistic college students, this package includes one 90-minute session at the beginning of the semester for syllabus review and calendar planning.  Twelve 30-minute weekly check-ins help students stay organized, focused, and effective through finals.

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Parent Consultation

If your student isn’t ready for coaching yet but you want another perspective on raising autistic young adults, we offer 90 minute parent consultations. Purchase and book a parent consultation here!

“Beth is wonderful. She really helped push some of the more difficult conversations between me and my son as he gets ready to leave the nest. Beth met both of us where we were, and are, in this process, and did so in the kindest and least judgmental way. She sees autism as a fact, not a disability, and her practical advice and encouragement will go far. Highly recommend!” – Cece, parent of autistic young adult

“As a mom with an autistic son, I have often felt isolated. With Coach Beth’s help, I feel less alone and more secure in finding ways for my son to flourish.” – S., parent of autistic young adult

Beth has been coaching our two college-age sons for over a year now and she is fantastic in every way! She listens well, helps them break through roadblocks on their personal, college and job journeys, and communicates exceptionally well with my wife and I. I highly recommend her!” – Christopher, parent of 2 autistic young adults

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Targeted Coaching is perfect for:

  • high school students who need to improve study skills
  • high school students looking to build independence
  • college students navigating roommate dynamics
  • young professionals looking to make a career transition
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Comprehensive Coaching is perfect for:

  • high school students looking to make sense of a recent diagnosis
  • high school students who are overwhelmed with what’s next after graduation
  • college students struggling to make the transition
  • young adults who feel stuck or unsatisfied with their lives
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College Semester Support is perfect for:

  • college students who need a little extra attention to stay on track with their classes
  • college students struggling to manage their time with a less rigid schedule
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Parent Consultations are perfect for:

  • Parents of elementary or middle school students who are looking ahead
  • Parents of autistic young adults who feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  • Parents who are looking for an expert’s opinion to help their family function better

Explore our FAQs to learn more about coaching for autistic teenagers and young adults.

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