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Helping families of autistic young adults navigate college, career, and life transitions

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College Readiness Packages

If you’re not sure how to support your high school student with autism, College Readiness packages are a great place to start.

These 3-session packages are customized to match your student’s grade and abilities.


We’ve helped families just like yours make this phase less stressful – and even fun!

  • 3 sessions (up to 5 hours) of individualized coaching
  • Foster deeper understanding of the student and transitions in high school
  • Create a plan to improve college readiness in 4 key areas: self-advocacy, executive function, social communication and life skills
  • 3 sessions (up to 5 hours) of individualized coaching
  • Evaluate the best post-secondary options for your student including 4 year college, 2 year college, gap year and employment
  • Learn more about strengths and create a custom plan to explore post high school options
  • 3 sessions (up to 5 hours) of individualized coaching 
  • Support your student and family in making a final decision on post-high school paths 
  • Create custom plan for a smooth transition while increasing your student’s independence and resilience

1:1 Coaching Packages

Navigating life with autism can be really difficult – working with a coach can make it easier.

We’ve worked with college students, graduate students and working adults to help them find success in college, career and life.

  • Individual, weekly coaching for current college students
  • Flexible duration – usually 3-6 months
  • Set SMART goals for college academics, extracurriculars and social life and create custom plans to achieve them
  • Individual, weekly coaching for working professionals with Autism
  • Meeting times that fit with your work schedule
  • Determine what your needs and goals to manage your job responsibilities, build strong work relationships and develop your career
  • Individual, weekly coaching for students or adults with Autism
  • Develop custom plans to reach your goals in work, relationships, health, finances and more
  • Foster a cohesive outlook to make all areas of your life fit together

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