Leveraging LinkedIn: A How-To Guide for Neurodiverse Jobseekers

We’ve all heard the horror stories about applying for hundreds of jobs online with few or zero responses. Searching for a job can be an exhausting process and it’s hard to keep your spirits up in the face of rejection after rejection.

Fortunately, there is another path. Rather than applying on company websites and job boards, jobseekers can build their personal brand and expertise using LinkedIn. With a growing audience of both jobseekers and those looking to hire, investing the time and energy to build your LinkedIn profile and reach is a smart way to find your next opportunity.

We’ll walk through an actionable strategy for neurodiverse jobseekers to use LinkedIn successfully.

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About the presenters

Beth Felsen is the founder of Spectrum Transition Coaching which strives to help autistic young adults find success in college, career and life. These major transitions can cause stress for the entire family and Beth’s Empowerment Coaching packages help autistic young adults and their families enjoy smooth transitions and success in their adult lives. Beth works with families of high school students as they weigh options after graduation through young adults navigating career and independence.

Jacob Levy is a special educator, career coach and a wears a few creative hats. He grew up with a learning disability since birth due to a brain hemorrhage. As a career coach, Jacob teaches jobseekers with disabilities how to identify opportunities OUTSIDE of their network by utilizing the LinkedIn algorithm, as well as content creation based on one’s subject matter expertise and targeting/adding value to decision makers behind any job in the world. Learn more at Searchable.work.

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Topic: Leveraging LinkedIn: A How-To Guide for Neurodiverse Jobseekers
When: May 18th, 2023 at 7pm ET
Where: Online Webinar
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