Looking for a job can be a complicated process. From crafting your resume to finding opportunities through interviewing, negotiating and accepting a role, it requires both strategic and emotional skills. Looking for a job also requires a big dose of resilience to continue pushing through to find the right role for your student.

Historically, autistic job seekers have been lumped into a generic hiring process. I’m so excited to see significant progress in neurodiverse hiring and training programs at many companies, big and small.

I recently participated on an employment series by the College Autism Network and the UConn Center for Neurodiversity and Employment and was able to hear the newest updates on neurodiversity hiring and career programs. For autistic young adults and their families, this is what you need to know:

  1. Neurodiverse hiring programs abound!  There are so many companies – big and small – focused on neurodiverse hiring initiatives. Start with the list below and continue investigating to find hiring programs designed for autistic young adults in your industry of interest.
  2. Career offices are still catching up. Undergraduate career services tend to be understaffed. I hear from my students that the career services centers aren’t aware of these unique programs and simply recommend that they create a profile Handshake. You may need to reach out to the disability center, individual professors and do your own research to find programs that fit your needs.
  3. Determine if you’re looking for a job or training. If you are looking for an internship or full time role, explore the companies listed below. If you’re not ready for employment, adjust your focus to find training programs or bootcamp programs to improve your skills before entering the workforce.

These are some of the helpful resources to power your neurodiverse job search. And if you’re looking for more insights about using LinkedIn to find opportunities, sign up for this month’s webinar here.


Job Search Tools & Resources

Disability: IN logo

Neurodiversity @ Work Employer Roundtable is an iniative of Disability:In with an incredible job search tool focused on neurodiverse applicants. The Career Connector is helpful as you look for roles that fit your unique skills and interests.

Mentra Logo

Mentra is a fantastic tool for neurodiverse job seekers. As a coach, I can recommend your application for roles that are a good fit so that hiring managers take a closer look. Create your profile here. 

My Next Move Logo

For neurodiverse individuals who aren’t sure about their career passions, the O-Net Interest Profiler is a helpful way to learn more about potential career paths. Browse careers and interests to discover potential paths that you maybe hadn’t thought about yet!

Neurodiverse Hiring Programs at Major Corporations

Deloitte Logo

Deloitte offers a three month training apprenticeship with the opportunity for full-time employment upon completion. All work is done virtually. Learn more and apply here!

EY logo

EY offers a Neurodiversity-Powered Transformation offering to help clients leverage the unique skills of neurodiverse team members including innovation, collaboration and transformative problem solving. Learn more and apply here!

Ford Logo

Ford offers the FordWorks program with on the job training for neurodiverse individuals and placement in IT, Product Development, Credit, and Manufacturing. Learn more and apply here!

Big G

Google seeks out neurodiverse candidates for roles throughout the organization to help them continue buildling tools that serve billions of people worldwide. Learn more about their accessible hiring process and apply here. 

Google Logo

The HP Spectrum Success program is a program designed for neurodiverse sophomore or junior undergraduates studying Computer Science, Information Technology, Supply Chain, Finance, or related studies to come to HP for a 5 day cohort with interview opportunities. Learn more and apply here. 

Google Logo

IBM’s Diversability initiative focuses on championing the unique abilities of team members with “Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourette’s Syndrome, and many other neurological differences.”

Microsoft logo

Microsoft has developed a neurodiversity hiring process based around a hiring event where applicants spend a few days learning how Microsoft works and what roles are available. There is also an Inclusive Hiring Webinar on the first Tuesday of each month.

Neurodiverse/Autistic Majority Organizations

Good Foot Delivery

Kirsten Gauthier founded Good Foot Delivery after seeing her brother, Jon, struggle to find consistent employment. It’s mission is to provide  “engaging employment for people from the neuro-diverse community through a competitive professional courier service delivered via public transit with pride.” Learn more about job opportunities here!

Moji coffee logo

Moji is coffee on a mission to “to provide meaningful and enriching employment to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” With an annual career fair (coming up on August 25, 2023), Moji provides ongoing job training and creates a supportive, uplifting community. 

Moji coffee logo

Blue Star Recycles has created a solution to the growing problem of electronic waste and recycles around 10,500 tons of electronic waste each year at five sites in Colorado and Illinois. Their hiring process is designed to be a good fit for the unique abilities of autistic adults. Learn more about career opportunities here.  


The Precisionists has an important mission to create 10,000 jobs for people with disabilitiesi n the next decade.  To learn more about their open opportunities, create a statement of interest here. 

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