Caring for a neurodivergent child can be intense. Join us to discuss how and why YOU matter too!

You’re invited to a free webinar specially designed for parents of neurodivergent kids. We spend hours and hours lovingly caring for our kids, but we often forget about our own needs in the process.

Frances and Beth will share their perspectives as autism experts and fellow parents. Beyond bubble baths, this session will give you fresh ideas on how to truly care for yourself, as well as your family.


About this event

Frances Victory, Ph.D., C.P.C., is a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Developmental Psychologist and Adjunct Assistant Professor. She also writes a monthly column for kids in Outfox magazine and various articles for parents & professionals in the Jewish Week New Normal Blog. She uses her fundamental knowledge of development and life coaching plus years of teaching experience as a college professor to create workshops for professionals & families of children with autism. During group sessions, Frances uses a fun and interactive approach so that participants can walk away feeling stronger and more empowered. She aims to shine a light on their inner potential and help them recognize what they can accomplish.
Beth Felsen is the founder of Spectrum Transition Coaching which strives to help autistic young adults find success in college, career and life. These major transitions can cause stress for the entire family and Beth’s Empowerment Coaching packages help autistic young adults and their families enjoy smooth transitions and success in their adult lives. Beth works with families of high school students as they weigh options after graduation through young adults navigating career and independence.

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Topic: Running on Empty: Self care for parents of neurodivergent kids
When: February 23th, 2023 at 7pm ET
Where: Online Webinar
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Running on Empty: Self care for parents of neurodivergent kids