Would a gap year be a good idea for my student?


“College-capable” isn’t always the same as “college-ready”, particularly when it comes to neurodiverse students.  Add in virtual learning during the pandemic and today’s high school juniors and seniors have lost out on opportunities to practice critical areas of independence that cohorts before them benefited from.

What are some of the indications that your student may not be prepared to go directly from high school to college?  What exactly is a gap year, and how and when should you plan for one?  Janet Price, Gap Year Specialist at Essig Education Group and award-winning co-author of Take Control of Asperger’s Syndrome: The Official Strategy Guide for Teens with AS and Nonverbal Learning Disorders, will answer these questions and more at this free event.


About this event

Beth Felsen is the founder of Spectrum Transition Coaching which strives to help autistic young adults find success in college, career and life. These major transitions can cause stress for the entire family and Beth’s Empowerment Coaching packages help autistic young adults and their families enjoy smooth transitions and success in their adult lives. Beth works with families of high school students as they weigh options after graduation through young adults navigating career and independence.

Janet Price is an author, speaker and passionate advocate for individuals with special needs. She is currently working with the Essig Group as the Gap Year Specialist.  She also worked at the College Living Experience which provides transition supports to students with autism and ADHD as they navigate life away from home.

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Topic: When to Consider a Gap Year for Neurodivergent Students
When: March 16th, 2023 at 7pm ET
Where: Online Webinar
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When to Consider a Gap Year for Neurodivergent Students